Ice-Blast BV is a young company that focuses on enviromental innovative and efficient solutions for industrial cleaning.

After decades of activities in the international industry we have witnessed a lot of contamination and pollution. cleaning of this pollution always comes with a lot of residual mess and waste of grit, and large volumes of waste water. When we met by coïncidence with a Canadian start-up, which developed a simple efficient solution for this global environmental problem, we did not have to think twice.

Ice-Blast BV (a 100% affiliated company of Ice-Blastgroup BV) has been set up to deliver industrial cleaning machines based upon wet ice and high pressure on the market. In this way we like to contribute to an environmental process of change of industrial cleaning.

Coöperation with Coulson Ice Blast
Ice-Blast BV is proud to have signed a long term partner agreement with Coulson Ice Blast from Canada. This company (part of the Coulson Group) develops and produces industrial cleaning equipment that operates on base of wet ice and high pressure. Their products have global patents, and the company received within a short period of time a number of international innovation awards.

Coulson Iceblast started early 2017 with the introduction of industrial cleaning equipment. In North America it turned out to be a succes and it created a revolution in the market. In June 2018 the seond generation equipment was introduced, having more possibities and making it suitable for each application in the market. Coulson IceBlast aims to develop and produce a complete range of environmental cleaning machines for application from severe to domestic use.

Exclusive distributor
Ice-Blast BV has been appointed as distributor of Coulson Ice Blast for an important part of the European market and beyond. From Alkmaar we are serving the markets of Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.

Our activities

  • Preliminary discussions to identify and define your specific issues.
  • Submission of technical proposal basedupon your specific application and situation.
  • On site demonstration of the equipment, or at a location to be agreed upon.
  • Rental of offered equipment as a trialperiod prior to purchasing a unit.
  • Engineering study for specific solutions in mass production environments like cleaning, deburring, and also for fully integrated robotic systems in production and processing lines.



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