Widely applicable

From vulnerable to very abrasive

The IceStorm is the only industrial cleaning machine that is suitable for every application. This is because the IceStorm can work with both wet ice and dry ice.

The IceStorm is very suitable for the removal of oil, bitumen, corrosion and grease. This can be done both on land and off shore,  even underwater. The water consumption is only 5% of the volume required with high pressure water cleaning, the contaminants are absorbed and not airborne. No full containment of objects is needed for cleaning. An enormous saving on freshwater is being realized at offshore locations. This results in considerable logistical savings.

The IceStorm can be used anywhere in the food and beverage industry, and has the great advantage that the water consumption is minimal while the amount of chemical cleaning agents can be greatly reduced. Loss of time to dispose the large amounts of water required for cleaning will be history. Production installations do not have to be switched off to be cleaned.

Public places
The IceStorm is ideal for:

  • Cleaning road surface where oil or other liquids have leaked;
  • The removal of graffiti from buildings, noise barriers and trains;
  • Removing deposits from wall claddings and various types of facades such as brick, wood, aluminum.

Renovation work
Fire damage, think of the cleaning of spaces where soot particles and fire residues have to be removed. Asbestos removal is easier and cheaper to carry out with the IceStorm, because of the unique property of encapsulating the asbestos particles in the medium and disposing the residual waste safe and quick .

Paper, Printing and Packaging
Ink residues, malfunction-sensitive printing machines, the IceStorm cleans without any problems, without any adverse effects on the quality of the end product. There is only a small amount of water left behind, while operating costs are minimal. Cardboard machines are quickly cleaned. Production lines for paper, pulp can be cleaned efficiently and quickly, including glue residues.

The IceStorm is extremely suitable for many applications in the automotive industry. Cast aluminum parts can be perfectly polished and deburred. Injection molds for plastic parts are completely cleaned and ready for re-use in a short time. Welding seams are perfectly smoothened. Grease layers and coating layers that were necessary during production processes are easily removed. Manifolds, distribution blocks are delivered completely clean and burr-free. Molds for car tire production can be used again in the shortest possible time

Ship hulls and underwater objects. Shells, crustaceans, seaweed that cover and block sensitive parts of a hull or underwater objects, results in increase fuel cost, had to be removed by using a dry dock or by divers with hand tools.

The IceStorm has the solution for cleaning ship hulls and other underwater objects. With a special underwater nozzle, the ship hulls and other structures will be smooth and clean again in a very short time. No risk of damage to the object, whether it is made of steel, plastic or aluminum.

The IceStorm also offers the ideal solution for cleaning basins such as swimming pools.


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