Coulson Ice Blast Receives Business Excellence Award

Award recognizes innovative businesses based in Vancouver Island that have seen rapid growth in 2017

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, [January 25, 2018]Coulson Ice Blast received the Industrial Manufacturer Award during the 18th annual Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards, hosted by Business Examiner, a publication focusing on British Columbia based businesses.

Coulson Ice Blast was nominated for the award by the Economic Development department of the City of Port Alberni.

The Business Excellence Awards recognizes businesses that have seen extraordinary innovation and expansion in 2017, through the development of new products, facilities and/or a large increase in sales and number of employees. Coulson Ice Blast was a clear choice, standing out in all these categories. “We are thrilled to be recognized by the Business Examiner for our achievements in 2017,” said Foster Coulson, Vice President of Coulson Ice Blast. “It takes a team of very dedicated individuals coming together with a common goal in order to redefine an industry that has, until now, seen no real innovation in the past 40 years. We know where we want to take this business, and we’re proud to have our achievements recognized as we continue to execute on that vision.” 

2017 was a big year for Coulson Ice Blast, with the design of its signature IceStorm90 ice blasting machine coming to fruition, the first industrial cleaning machine on the market to use crushed ice cubes as a blast media. The technology is similar to sandblasting, but it uses compressed air to propel grain-sized ice particles instead of sand.

Ice blasting has several main advantages over competing technologies. It uses 1/10th the water compared to a pressure washer, while being much more effective at lower pressures, making it ideal for blasting in areas with water scarcity or situations where reduced moisture is required. However, it is still a wet process, forming a mist around the work surface. This mist captures airborne contaminants and drags them downwards. The substance being cleaned off collects on the ground in a neat slushy pile. Due to this process and the reduced moisture, containment and removal of waste material is made easy, with just a simple tarp needed, placed beneath the blast zone. In addition to the cost and time savings associated with reduced containment setup and disposal, ice is also a very inexpensive media.

At the start of the year, Coulson Ice Blast was composed of a small team of design engineers. By the end of the year, with the commercial success of the product, the signing of distributor agreements around the world and its recognition by several publications and awards, Coulson Ice Blast now boasts a newly renovated production facility, complete with dedicated production, purchasing and logistics, engineering and sales teams.

The Business Excellence award rounds out a year in which several publications recognized the accomplishments of Coulson Ice Blast. At the start of 2017, the Discovery Channel produced an episode of their show Daily Planet on the topic of Coulson Ice Blast’s cleaning technology. In November, the IceStorm90 stood on stage alongside projects from NASA, MIT Labs and Oak Ridge National Laboratory as it received the prestigious R&D 100 award and was named “one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year” by R&D Magazine.