The New IceStorm!

Vancouver, BC - Coulson Ice Blast is excited to announce the next generation of its award winning cleaning technology, IceStorm.  At the touch of a button, the new system switches between two separate modes, allowing the machine to blast with either ice or dry ice.

Coulson Ice Blast is the only manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment to produce machines that blast with real ice, the same ice cube you’d put in your drink. But, always striving to provide the highest value to their customers, they didn’t want to stop there.  

“Our goal is to create great technology that will change the way we clean the world. With the launch of IceStorm, we are closer than ever to achieving this goal.” - Foster Coulson, Coulson Ice Blast. 

The new machine allows the operator to take advantage of the benefits of both ice and dry ice medias.  Ice is readily available, cost effective and more aggressive.  But dry ice is ideal for situations such as the cleaning of electrical components and fungal spore removal, where even minimal amounts of moisture are unacceptable.

To accompany this next generation of machines, Coulson Ice Blast is also pleased to announce several new accessories, starting with their lineup of icemakers. “We have all been very excited about this day for some time now. I believe we have created a tool for the customer that will generate significant value for them. Being able to own just one piece of cleaning equipment that is effective in many different cleaning applications is the ideal system,” Coulson said. 

With worldwide distribution partnerships, Coulson Ice Blast is a global leader in industrial equipment manufacturing. The company is based out of Port Alberni and is a subsidiary of the Coulson Group of Companies.