IceStorm90 blasting machine

An innovative solid all-rounder

IceStorm90 is the most efficient and environmentally friendly industrial cleaning machine on the market .

An intelligent and solid design, use of first class materials, and usable for countless applications, the IceStorm90 has everything to perform for many years without problems. There are two versions of the IceStorm90 available, namely the IceStorm90 Base and the IceStorm90 Dual.

IceStorm90 Base
The IceStorm90 works according to an amazingly simple principle. After the IceStorm90 is connected to a regular power source, it is filled with the medium. The medium consists of regular ice cubes (usually of just frozen tap water). 45 kilos of ice cubes can be poured into the hopper. The IceStorm90 is connected to a compressor to supply blasting air. The ice cubes are dosed through a shredder mechanism to eventually be sucked into the hose with outgoing air as granulate. The mixture of ice granulate and air under high pressure then passes through the nozzle onto the surface to be cleaned. The nozzle may differ in design, depending on the desired force, density and speed of the medium. The operator has the choice to only spray air or a mixture of ice granulate and air on the surface to be cleaned.

IceStorm90 Dual
The IceStorm90 Base is suitable for almost all applications, however there is a limited area where the IceStorm90 Base can not be used and that is for cleaning objects that are under electrical power, or where no water can be used at all. To make this type of application possible, the IceStorm 90 Dual has recently entered the market. The difference with the Base version is the possibility to also use Dry Ice as a medium.

Dry ice function
With the IceStorm90 Dual you can easily switch from ice cubes to dry ice as blasting medium. The cleaning capability of dry ice, is less because of the lighter mass, and as a medium it is much more expensive to buy. Dry ice is a frozen gas that sublimates and as a consequence it can only be stored for a very limited period of time. Despite those disadvantages for applications where no water is allowed to be used, and applications where appliances are under electrical power, the dry ice function is the ideal solution. One press only one button on the control panel and the Icestorm90 functions as dry ice cleaner.

Technical data
The IceStorm90 is provided with a CE certificate.

  • Hopper capacity for ice cubes: 45 kilos
  • Hopper capacity for Dry Ice: 90 kilos
  • Consumption: 0.5 to 2.5 kilo per minute

  • Working pressure: 5 to 12 bar
  • Compressed air: 5 to 12 m3 per minute

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight: 220 kilos
  • Dimensions: 106 x 71.5 x 119 cm

Other information
The IceStorm90 is equipped with four heavy-duty wheels, two of which are pivotable, for optimum ease of use. The entire exterior is made of anodized sheets. Internally, alloyed stainless steel and aluminum have been used. The entire drivetrain is made of high wear-resistant material.

Standard Equipment
Each IceStorm90 comes with:

  • Spray gun;
  • Two different nozzles;
  • Air supply hose of 15 meters;
  • Blasting hose of 15 meters;
  • Case for the nozzles;
  • A comprehensive manual.

Ice-Blast has a range of nozzles available for each application, from cleaning of thin teflon coatings in the food industry to the removal of paint layers and corrosion on drilling platforms.


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